YAY! We have enough financial support to cover the cost ($2500) of our home study!! Wow!! In TWO WEEKS!! THANK YOU!!

What is a home study you ask? Basically it is an evaluation of a families entire life. Finances, mental health, physical health, safety of the home, ability to parent a child are just some of the things addressed. During the process we have to complete TONS of paperwork and send in lots of documents like birth certificates, marriage certificate, car registrations, proof of health insurance and much, MUCH more. At the end of the process, a social worker writes a report about all the information gathered about the family. For us the whole process will be about 3-4 months. We are hoping to be done in February.



As of November 4th, we have completely the first phase of paperwork! This includes: Background checks submitted for CO, TX, AK and CA. FBI fingerprinting, state of Colorado adoption application, DMV records for last 7 years, Colorado court clearances, online marriage evaluation, copies of drivers licenses, organizing of references, loooong questionnaire about our childhood, current family photo, 5 years address history and a bunch of other forms that are associated with our agency. Whew.

Positive thing? I am now SUPER organized.LOL

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