Great is Your Faithfulness


Thank you to all those who financially supported us through Adopttogether!

HUGE THANK YOU!  As of today, we have enough funds to cover the cost of our home study ($2500) AND our required, two day, in person, adoption training ($375) Nov 30-Dec 1! THANK YOU!!! We are one BIG STEP closer to growing our family!

Our next goal is $2000 for what our agency calls “Orientation”, which is required. The fee includes administrative costs associated with an actual in-person meeting/orientation with our agency. We will be given lots of information, more paperwork and a more in depth walk-through of our adoption process. Rest assured I will go to this meeting with a LOOOOONG list of questions!

PROGRESS. We are supposed to get our social worker assigned to us this week. The social worker will do three in-person interviews. According to a recent email, our first interview will be soon! Things finally feel like they are moving forward. We are still working on paperwork and gathering lots of documents and information  to send into our agency…. some days it feels like there is no end in sight but there will be. This will all be worth it.

THANKSGIVING. Matt and I have SO much to be thankful for. But it will also be the first Thanksgiving since we found out the severity of our infertility and that biological children were not an option.  I am SO grateful and excited about our adoption but am also grieving the fact that I am not pregnant, and don’t know when God will bring a new life to our family. Most of the time the Holy Spirit reminds me in some way or another that He does have my life in His hands but there are a few days where sadness is the overwhelming emotion. My counselor warned me that holidays could trigger emotions that seemed to be mostly faded and of course she was right. So as the thoughts and sadness come I do my very best not to sit in them and get angry, but release them to the Lord. He can take it! I also cling to the promise that God is faithful. I LOVE the chorus from the song “Do It again” by Elevation worship:

Your promise still stands, Great is your faithfulness, faithfulness

I’m still in Your hands, this is my confidence,

You’ve never failed me.

I hope whatever hard emotions the holidays bring up for you that God would speak to you during this time. I pray His promise of faithfulness would comfort you.

♥ Andrea

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