Feeling the Love!


white love free standing letters
Photo by Swapnil Deshpandey on Pexels.com

Matt and I are feeling so loved! We have reached our next financial goal of $2000!! THANK YOU to all our family and friend who donated to our adopttogether site, bought items off our shoppe and purchased puzzle pieces! YOU made this happen! Our orientation costs are now covered!! So much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving weekend.

Our next goal to conquer is $7000. This is not due until the end of February once our home study is done. Also, once our home study is done, we will be able to start applying to adoption grants and adoption loans (very low to no interest). We have been told not to rely on grants because they are becoming very hard to get due to the fact that more people than ever are applying to them due to the rapidly rising costs of adoption. We will still try.

In an upcoming blog, I will talk about why adoption is so expensive and explain what the next $7000 will cover in regards to our adoption. In the meantime, keep doing your Christmas shopping on the Shoppe! I just added over 10 new items and lowered some prices!

Thank you for helping us meet this goal so quickly!!

Through His Love,

Andrea & Matt

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