I wanted to do a blog earlier this month but December has been crazy! We moved to a different apartment complex on December 15 (due to adoption), hosted two different family Christmas celebrations, went to a 2 day adoption training, had our first home-study visit and orientation, were down to one car for most of month and had family fly out from CA and NC to spend Christmas with us.

Our 2 day adoption training was kind of a let down. The state requires that all families adopting domestically go through this training, including those adopting through foster care. About 75% of the material was geared towards families adopting older children out of foster care which has nothing to do with infant adoption, but again, the state requires it. The material that did apply to us was very helpful and we got some great information. The best thing about the training was meeting two other couples that were in the same situation as us, looking to adopt after infertility. We were able to have lunch with them and share our stories. I felt less alone after talking with them, it was very encouraging.IMG_1311

Our first home study visit went really well! We love our social worker and she made us super comfortable. She asked us questions about our jobs, how we spend our free time, what we value, how we plan to parent and many other questions. She said the goal was to get a picture of what our family is like to help make a good match with what an expectant mother is looking for in a family.

We have two more home study visits, one is this Thursday. Part of this meeting is the first physical inspection of home and making sure everything is baby proofed. We actually have to baby proof the house from infant to age 2. Our agency approves us up to age 2 in case there are any legal issues that cause finalization to be delayed. Finalization in Colorado takes at least 6 months. SOOOOO we have to cover all electrical outlets, baby/toddler proof all kitchen cupboards, bathroom cupboards, bookshelves, dresser drawers, move all cleaning supplies out of reach or lock them up, move all cleaning supplies out of kitchen as we aren’t allowed to have any chemicals in same area where food is and the list goes on. We are going to be SUPER PREPARED!!!

This is part of the checklist for the training we have to do….


We have been blown away by how many people have generously given this past month! Every gift, no matter how small helps! As of today, the next $7000 we owe once our home study is done is FULLY FUNDED !!! Also, we are are only a few hundred dollars short of being HALFWAY FUNDED !!! WOW!!!!! Thank you to all who have bought puzzle pieces, bought items off the shoppe and donated to our adopttogether fund. Thank you just doesn’t seem like enough, but thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Thanks to YOU the dream of growing our family is finally becoming reality!

So what’s next? We have to finish up our required training/education at home, take a pediatric CPR & First Aid Class, two more home study visits, find a pediatrician, finish baby proofing house, work on our adoption profile book and start lining up grants to apply for once home study is complete.

Thank you for your support and walking through this journey with us.


Andrea & Matt

You can still donate today to get you 2018 tax deduction!



We are ending 2018 with some snow. Can’t wait for 2019!!


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