Feb 6 Update: Profile Book ! Almost certified!

1 cover


Our profile book is finished! Below is a sneak peak of a few of the pages.

So what is a profile book anyways ?

A profile book is a (physical) photo book of a hopeful adoptive couple/family that is shown to women who are considering making an adoption plan. The book is basically a way for an expectant mom to get to know what a family is like through pictures. There is also a short letter at the beginning of the book written to the expectant mom.

1 story


Our book has over 100 photos. We probably looked at every photo we have taken since we started dating ….SO MANY PICTURES. Our adoption agency did give us guidelines to follow, but for the most part we were on our own. Yikes.

1 home


This has been the most stressful “art” project of my life. We were limited to 20 pages. What pictures do you include? What do you say in your letter? This book is a HUGE part of the adoption process.

1 Matt


In domestic infant adoption, the expectant mother making an adoption plan chooses the family she wants to place her child with after a matching process has happened. Once an expectant mom is matched with some families by the agency, she is then given their profile books to look through and then pick a family based off their book. Of course it’s more complicated than that, but that’s the process in a nutshell.

1 adventure

I will be mailing these books out this week to all the offices in our agency. Nightlight has offices in 10 different states. So yes, we could could be matched with an expectant mother in another state and we have been told that is a high probability.

Next steps. We should be certified by the end of next week which means we passed our home study and can legally adopt a baby. The official wait time at our agency to be matched with an expectant mother is about a year. I will be writing more about the wait time later because we have also said yes to last minute placements as well.

Grants. Once our home study is done, we can start applying for grants. 99% of adoption grants require you to submit your official home-study paperwork with your grant application.

We thank you for your continued financial and prayer support! We keep getting closer to our goal! To date, we have raised over $14,000 towards our adoption! WOW!!!!  Thank you to each person who has supported us. We have come this far because of you! We still need about $11,000 but we know God will provide and make a way.

With Love,

Andrea & Matt


2 thoughts on “Feb 6 Update: Profile Book ! Almost certified!

  1. Hey Matt and Andrea– this is great– your book is so bright and and has so many sweet details. And the nursery looks beautiful– Luanne told me a bit about your setting it up! Praying with you for all to go quickly and smoothly. I know you’d be the best parents! hugs from here!


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