Adoption Benefit.


Adoption fundraiser March 9

March 9th was our adoption fundraiser at Calvary Church in Santa Ana, CA. What an amazing night!! It was wonderful to see so many faces Matt and I  haven’t seen in a long time, catch up with old friends and be able to see so much family! Oh yeah, and we raised $5000!!!!! There are SO many people who helped make this happen but especially my parents, Steve and Charlotte. This was their idea and they did such an amazing job! This would not have happened without them!

Adoption Fundraiser March 9 auction items

The silent auction was a TON of fun! We ended up having almost 50 items. Thank you to all who donated something to the auction, I was just blown away by the generosity !


Thank you to all the wonderful people who brought these yummy deserts!!


Current Financial Status of Adoption


After the event, our base agency fees are now FULLY COVERED!!! This is a huge mountain that I thought would take much longer but God is sure bigger than any mountain I can create in my head.

What does this mean ?

If we have a “normal adoption” with our agency in Colorado, all the fees are covered. The actual cost of the adoption will likely be more but it will depend on:

-what state we adopt from

– the legal fees  (varies by state from $500- $5000)

– travel to whatever state our baby is born in

– hotel/airbnb we will need for an average of 2 weeks while we wait for ICPC paperwork (legal documents that must be processed before you can cross state lines with a baby) if we adopt out of state.

At this time, we do not know what state we are adopting from so we have no idea what these other costs will be. So for now, we are going to press pause on our fundraising since the rest of the costs are unknown.

THANK YOU for all your prayer support as well as the financial support. There have been many days when I have felt so discourage and the only way I was able to get through the day was because I KNEW someone was praying for us so thank you.

Our plan for now is to work and save as much as we can while we wait for “the call”. Although some days are easier than others, we are trusting in God’s perfect timing for growing our family.

Huge thank you again to everyone who came to our adoption benefit!


-Andrea & Matt


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